5 fun games for free for Android

5 juegos divertidos y gratis para android

After a lot of time testing games, I will make a small collection of 5 fun games for free for Android. This list is personal, based on my tastes and what I look for in a game, but it is clear that there are many more fun games, and free free the Google Play, which I hope to share with me in the comments. But if what you’re looking for is a couple of fun games, and that it will not cost you anything to download, we show below:

5 fun games for free for Android

If you are looking for a fun game to pass the time and about every weekend, this list has 5 games that are free for you to download and try them out and decide if you like them. These games are short and fun, so if you want to have a good time make sure. This is my selection of 5 fun games for free for Android:


these moments Nibblers is my favorite game. Really, there is nothing from the other world, is a game from Rovio that we need to combine fruits, ending with lizards, to remove all the mud or send it back to the fish to the water. We will have different missions for levels, but the goal is to combine the maximum fruit possible always to create Nibblers and solve more trivial the game.

Nibblers is Rovio. Has levels impossible, in which will stumble many times, but then we will go easy. After more than a month playing, I can say that I love it, it’s fun and you do not need to spend money to make. I recommend you to have a good time!

A positive point is that you can save your progress with Facebook, which is good to never lose the level and in addition play for more social, competing with our friends.

Nibblers is free, with in-app purchases and what we can find in Google Play. If you want to have fun and be hooked for a while until it finished, Nibblers is your game.

Download | Nibblers on Google Play

Software FREE

Who has not played any time to Program? Our genie of the lamp favorite solves everything, so if you’re looking for a fun game that is capable of find out who you are thinking of, Software is your game. In the following video, we see the Program in full action in a video very fun, you can’t miss it:

What makes Software, is to say that you think of someone, and once you do you will begin to ask you questions. It is very clever, because always succeeds with the person in which you are thinking about, always and when you don’t lie.

of course, if it is a well-known person we are thinking about going to nail, but if it is someone unknown (as a teacher of the school), you also will get it right though obviously we were not going to say the name, but yes that is a teacher.

Software FREE, as its name indicates, what we find free to download in the Google Play. The game is going well, making sure that you like to have fun with your friends.

Download | Program the Genie FREE on Google Play

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 is a fun game, no doubt, and we can download for free. The paste you see many users (me included), is that sometimes we required to spend per case, because it is, or pay-or-die, as I told my mate Carlos in his time.

Angry Birds 2 offers us a renewed world, with some awesome graphics. The only downside, is that sometimes we are not going to be another pass through the box if we want to continue to play, because the lives are exhausted quickly. However, we spent in a large throwing birds against the pigs, until overcome by complete and we move forward.

Is great, especially to compete with our friends. There has been a lot of Angry Birds 2 throughout this time. The only downside is the in-app purchases, which many times are almost forced, but you do not have to do it to move forward. Angry Brids 2 you can download for free in the Play Store.

Download | Angry Birds 2 Google Play

Love Rocks Shakira

Not too long ago the launch of Love Rocks Shakira, but what is certain is that the game has surprised me in a good way. Rovio never fails, knows what the public is looking for, and with this game we enter a world of gems, magic and a lot of fun with the music of Shakira background.

best Thing without a doubt is the music, it is very fun to listen to the song mode politono of “I am crazy with my tiger, crazy, crazy, crazy”. Each time you we won, we listen politono of this song, and it is certain that the laughs are secured.

For the city, we also have some photo of the beautiful Shakira, in which appears awesome. Go to advance levels fast in the beginning. It also has in-app purchases, but not we will need if we are nimble. The key is to learn well how to play to eat up the game.

Very very funny, and with Shakira and the music a success. Great for passing the time. Love Rocks Shakira find free in the Play Store.

Download | Love Rocks Shakira on Google Play

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope could be defined as a “classic“, because it takes a lot of time between us, and we have many different versions to play. What is certain is that this chameleon is very funny. It is a game that captivates, engages, and until we move and move on levels are not going to stop playing. We can go with the following video:

will make Us think, so the formula of the game is perfect to squeeze the physics. And it was never so much fun collecting candy, the most fun way possible, and with a sense for what will make us think to see the most efficient way to break with the ropes (or what we put in front of him) and get a burst of candy.

Cut the Rope is great. We will not need to purchase extra to win. The game has everything to go along with you at least one time in your adventures. Cut the Rope what we can download for free in the Google Play.

Download | Cut the Rope 2 in Google Play

Plants vs Zombies is great too

Although I’ve not included, another of my favorite games that I have a lot of fun but now no longer play, is Plants vs Zombies. I love it! And see if I like it, I pass all the edits to the full in a few days, because could not stop playing.

Is a very fun game, in which we will have to prevent the zombies from reaching the end of our land, we will have to avoid at all costs arriving at our house, that crossing the boundary. To do this, we will have to plant plants, in order to attack them and stop them. I hope you see the video, so that you contemplate all of what he is capable of.

With what game you get from all these?

I Hope you like my collection of 5 fun games and free to Android. And I also hope you’ll tell me in the comments what yours are, to make a very large list among all.

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