5 developments that would arrive in September to Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO is losing to many players, and it is clear that Niantic, the developer, have to do something. There have been many problems with the Pokémon GO that have led users to stop playing, have in part had to do with the bans. But what is clear, is that Niantic should take action in the matter, therefore today have come to light what’s new about the update of September of Pokémon GO.

This update of September you must be fat if they want to continue to keep the fans, because many are getting tired of the dynamic of the game. In September, in some points of the map starts school, university, back to the routine… we’ll see how it affects the Pokémon GO.

Nintendo gana poco dinero con Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO: Update September news

This is what we look forward to a second read at Business Insider:

  • trade and commerce of Pokémon. Users take time screaming for this new functionality. So that users can exchange and trade with Pokémon. In the code, have seen the strings “Trade_search” or “Trade_offer”.
  • Pokemon special. One of the features most attractive and that you were not expecting is this, because a Pokemon might be joining us on our journey. (Do you remember when Pikáchu you pursued in the original game? Well, something of the style).
  • Most types of incense. It is possible that we have new types of incense. Now we can attract more Pokémon for 30 minutes, but it is possible that the new incense allow to attract Pokémons more rare or specific types, ideal for catching certain Pokémon. This has been deduced through these strings “Item_incense_cool” and “Item_incense_floral”.
  • how to Hunt legendary Pokémon? has been seen “activity_catch_legend_pokemon”. It could be a event to perform between-group, multiple users, and thus capture a legendary Pokémon. This functionality could be amazing.
  • virtual Reality and the Pokémon GO. A folder referred to VR, perhaps we can play with the glasses.

Update coming soon

These what’s new in the Pokémon GO may arrive in September. Do more missing than ever, if you want that users do not tire of groping.

What do you think of the new?

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