5 best tips to win at Free Fire

Free Fire is one of the best alternatives to PUBG Mobile. This battle royale has become very popular with the passing of the months. If you are a player usual, look at these 5 tips for winning Free Fire that will help you to Polish your skills.

┬┐Tired of never winning in Free Fire? After you read these tips you will have everything you need to be the last one standing.

Tips for winning Free Fire

Lands fast

aterrizaje free fire

If you take to the minute 3:35 you will be one of the first to fall in the map and so you can get the best resources. In the event that you don’t know where to look, check out these 3 excellent places to land in Free Fire.

Healthy inside of a vehicle

if you didn’t know, you can heal your character inside of a vehicle. The only thing you have to do is press the button to heal and open the inventory. In this simple way you’ll be able to heal yourself to continue warring in the game.

Use headphones

Auriculares Onikuma

The headphones are the best allies for anyone who wants to win in Free Fire. These are the keys to detect in what place are the others. When you use headphones, you’ll know if a enemy comes at you from the back, if you are away or if you are approaching it.

Check out any of these headphones for gaming, and you will be able to improve both in Free Fire as in any other game.

Collects mushrooms

To collect mushrooms, you can heal yourself, but it is possible to get exposed to enemy attacks. Before you go to pick up some to heal your life, is to look well to your surroundings.

Learn the map

mapa free fire

the more you know the map, the more chance you have of winning. Keep it well drawn in your mind, explore various sites of landing and memorizes each zone traveled.

Remember what are the houses with more resources, avoid dangerous places, and let the newbies from killing each other. You just take charge of knowing the map and you will have a wide advantage over many players that they are unaware of it.

And you, what of the advice of Free Fire you found most useful?

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