5 apps to save data on Android

5 aplicaciones para ahorrar datos en android

Saving data is critical, especially when we have a data rate limited and we were back to minimum before the end of the month. In this article we will see 5 apps to save data on Android with the goal that never again will you ever be left without data. We are faced with 5 apps simple and easy to use, with which we will begin to save data from the time zero.

5 apps to save data on Android

Tired of you running out of data so quickly and without explanation? You’re no longer waiting for the megs, because in this article we will see applications to save data in Android, so they don’t end up the data as fast as always and you will stay with the Internet to a minimum during days to get back all your data.


These are the best 5 apps that we tested for save megas in Android:

  • Opera Max: start controlling better than ever your consumption daily or weekly data by applications. Optimizes the use of data in your apps with Opera Max. This app live in Google Play and we could say that it is essential since it has a 4.3 note and the community is thrilled. Analyzes the consumption data at any time and for application, you will no longer sobrepasarte. Of course the download is free.
  • Opera Mini: browser Opera Mini you will be able to enjoy a great experience without spending data, because although not the know Chrome could become one of your main enemies when consuming data. This browser reduces the size of the pages before you open them on your mobile. This app is free and live at Google Play with a 4.3 note.
  • Facebook Lite: you can not imagine the amount of data you can consume Facebook. If you use Facebook Lite (pros and cons), that is the app light on the book of faces, you’ll be able to see everything that occurs equally in your page without spending so much data uploading all those photos and heavy videos automatically. The experience is fair, because we’re going to save too much data in comparison. Has a 4.2 note and it’s free, it seems that the community like.
  • NetGuard – Netsaver & kid lock: this application live in the Google Play is free and 4 points note, does not seem a bad option to save mobile data. NetGuard manage the access to mobile data by apps, for what will become our best ally to save meg. Now you can start to choose which apps you want to consume your megas in how much you are away from home!
  • Onavo Extend data and Onavo Count: with this duo of apps will save this data and in addition we will have reports on our costs of mobile data. The first is responsible for saving data and has a 4.2 note in Google Play and is free, while Count collects the reports and has a 4,2 and is also free. They are the perfect team to start managing our data.

Tips to save data in Android

sometimes we not only need good apps to save data, but it is also important to take into account some tips:

  • Connect to Wi-Fi whenever you can both browse as download applications. The download and update of applications, is one of the operations that the more data you would use.
  • Never do backups with mobile data, always with free Wi-Fi.
  • Streaming over Wi-Fi only, although it may appear that no, watching a movie from your cellphone data could leave you without them. The same if we use YouTube. It is best to do it in Wi-Fi.
  • Monitors the consumption of mobile data or call your operator for you to remember it by SMS.

¿What is your advice for saving data? What which of these apps you get to save mobile data on your Android? take Advantage of the comments to on these days all.

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