5 apps to find parking easily

Park in large cities, it is almost mission impossible. To do that without ending up with an attack of nerves is even more complicated. If the stars are aligned and we managed to find a place to park, there are other problems. The dreaded parking meters. In summary, this whole experience can turn into a nightmare. Luckily, now there are applications available that help us to to find a parking space.

Usually these apps are based on geolocation. In this way we can indicate if there are parking spaces free near where we are. What do you need? Have a smartphone and download the app. It’s that easy. Today I leave you with five apps to find parking.


This app of which I have spoken at some time in the past is very useful. Thanks to the map we can know if there is a square of parking is free in our area. The best part of this app is that the more users you have improved. In this way, a user can say if you leave a parking space free. As well, another user in the area can take advantage and use that square.

WP-Appbox: Wazypark – reserve dnd park (Free, Google Play) →


This application has a great advantage. Works in collaboration with the parking meters of some cities in Spain. In this way, if you have the app installed, you can pay for tickets from your mobile. And also you’ll be able to renew it when it is about to expire. A app very comfortable, although there are users who have had complaints filed about their operation.

WP-Appbox: e-park, regulated Parking (Free, Google Play) →


This app works in a similar way to the first, although it has more of a social feel, by calling it so. Users can leave information about free spaces in the area you are in. In addition, there are usually information on the prices or rates in the various parking garages or blue zones. The big advantage is that, there is information about many cities.

WP-Appbox: Parkopedia Parking (Free+, Google Play) →

Park & Go

This app can help you get discounts on the payment of parking. It is necessary to leave the data of a card and the app handles payments. You can also reserve a parking space beforehand. The app manages parking spaces at train stations or airports. Always with a reduced price, making it an interesting alternative.


This app only for Android is different from the rest. Here users can rent your parking space to other users while they are outside. The application is responsible for putting them in contact and it is the users who must reach an agreement. Parquo also manages blue zones and parking meters, although only in a few cities.

WP-Appbox: Parquo – Parking app (Free, Google Play) →

Have you used any of these apps? Do you use apps in a car park? What?

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