5 apps to celebrate Christmas in a fun way

¿Are you looking to be original in the Christmas cards this year? Because here we bring to you the ultimate solution. In total we show you 5 applications with which you’ll be able to create cards, videos, postcards and even gifs funny and original congratulate your friends and family this Christmas.

Create Christmas cards funny on Android

Before starting with the list of applications that we prepare for you, we want to clarify that in some of them you have to have photos where you’re your or that person you want to congratulate. This will give you something more than “originality” to the greeting itself.


This application was a while ago on the Internet, specifically 10 years ago. And since it was launched in his time did not fail to entertain millions of people. Its arrival on Android has made it to reach many more users, and obviously much easier to make use of the same. With this app you’ll be able to put your face and your friends/family in a video with elves dancing. And best of all is that you’re going to be able to send that video by WhatsApp, email or even Facebook Messenger.


Another application that will allow you to cut a face from one photo and put it in a e-card, music video or even a gif. In addition, include special card to congratulate a friend or family member at Christmas or even new year. All the content that you create within JibJab you can send it by WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and others.


And yes, it might not be a cards Christmas funny if you do not includes the face of the person who sends or who receives. That is why iFunFace is an ideal choice to be able to do so. The same allows you to create small videos and gifs funny with the faces that you want. In addition you’ll be able to include text to further customize your creation. It should be noted that there are filters Christmas that will come like ring to the finger for this time of year.

SMS Christmas

If you want to be original in your Christmas greetings as SMS Christmas is the app that you need. The same will allow you to create your own cards, memes, greetings and gifs of quick and simple way. The only thing you should do is to choose a filter, customize it, put a text or image and you’re done. Such a creation you’re going to be able to send by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and others.


Postcards, Christmas cards, virtual gifts and much more. TouchNote is one of the best applications for these holidays, as you will have more than 100 templates for power create Christmas cards original and eye-catching. The app itself is free, although to access all of the content it is necessary to pay for it.

Without much more to add, please remember that all of these applications are free and in addition they work with any device with Android 4.2 or greater. We recommend you to download all the apps for you to try and know which is the most you like.

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