5 amazing things that we want to see in Clash Royale in June

Clash Royale

Take a free rein to the imagination is not easy, but tell that to the guys from the source who have done a work mind-boggling. What is clear, is that this month of June we will have a new update of Clash Royale, and we hope to see many new developments and get surprised once more (I always get them, and will not be less than this time).

All this what we have retrieved from the guys of GottaBeMobile, who have surprised us with 5 features truly amazing that we could come to Clash Royale soon. It is clear that they do not cease to be rumores, and all of this could not happen, but it would not be bad to do so.

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5 features that we want to see in Clash Royale in June

we Want a healer or spell to cure

would Not be bad a letter that curase in the Clash Royale. Perhaps this can be a little absurd in the case of a very fast game and that barely lasts a few minutes, but it certainly would be interesting to see a letter that curase or just a spell. It all depends on how work could be a great idea or disastrous, because we also might get a little riled up.

air Defense

would Not be bad a letter to defend against air attacks, because what is true is that we have few options to stop the hound and lava balloon. With a few minions is simple, but if the opponent has arrows, will not be served anything, and our tower will be totally naked. A tower with attacks to the air and ground would be ideal, something style tesla or tower inferno but more new and powerful way.

More rewards and new ways to earn gold

Want to see new ways to earn gold, because always it is necessary to have coins to purchase cards or to raise the level of the same. The coins are fundamental. And for sure the next update integrates new methods, we hope and look forward to. It is possible that we may sell cards in exchange for coins, but this is still very much in the air.

That is more easy to get legendary

You have been told many tricks to get legendary cards, however I have friends in level 9 that are still legendary. Once you get to the sand 8 is more easy because you can even buy them in the store, but get them without paying (all) is practically impossible. With luck one or two in a chest and in months. We hope that this will be more simple and fair for all.

Disable the emojis or new

There are players that when they win or we do something wrong don’t stop to laugh at us using these emojis, something which is not too pleasant. It would be ideal that we had some emoji more to express another kind of emotion, or even we could customize emojis to our liking to express what we really mean. Or just having the option to turn them off. I hope we have something related to this in the next update.

What do you think of all this? What do you want?

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