5 alternatives to FIFA 16 Android

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FIFA 16 is great and we love it, the only problem you have is that many of the users who play them will slow for all the resources that it needs for its correct execution. If FIFA 16 is going slow and not get to fix it, you can try to download alternatives to FIFA 16 Android. We have made a compilation of a few 5 alternatives that sure that you like.

5 alternatives to FIFA 16 Android

do You go slow in FIFA 16 and want to download alternatives to FIFA 16 Android? nothing happens, we bring to you these 5 alternatives so that you can keep playing, and enjoy a great experience on your mobilel have the mobile phone that you have:

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  • Score! Hero: with a notaza 4.7 points on 5, Score! Hero is possibly one of the best alternatives to FIFA 16 Android. What I most like of this game, is its gameplay, which is very smooth. You’ll be able to enjoy a soccer and a game that is not going to be hung up never. Finally, you can become the hero of football that you are looking for.
  • Flick Kick Football Legend: with a note of 4,4 points on 5, these guys have developed a great game that also is positioned as an alternative to FIFA 16. Manage your team and reach the top, how to do this, sure that you know well. This game, in addition to the other, it’s free, I hope you enjoy it as much as you want.
  • Portable Soccer DX: we are before a game for Android in 2D that we love. Is different, and just why you should try it. Is positioned as an alternative to FIFA 16 great and different, it sure goes great on your mobile. I you gave it a chance, it’s free, and has a 4,3 note.
  • Tiki Taka Soccer: a name of football, Tiki Taka Soccer if you put a 4,2 of note in the Google Play. Not bad considering the competition, and is without doubt one of the best games of football, and alternative to FIFA 16. It is addictive, as they say the comments, so be careful to hook.
  • Pocket League Story 2: another great game alternative to FIFA 16. With Pocket League Story 2, we will have a good alternative that takes up little space, just 7 MB and that works very well. Just look at the reviews to know that we are in a good game of football that can replace up to the critically acclaimed FIFA 16. You can give it a try, it’s free and with a 4,2 note.

Give us you number 6

what alternative will you stay? don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments which of these Android games is your favorite. You’ll be able to enjoy the best of football on your mobile. If you want to download alternatives to FIFA 16 Android, we hope that these 5 will have convinced you. And give us your sixth alternative!

Write to us if you have any doubt with any one, or if you prefer to provide us with the sixth alternative to these games style FIFA 16 Android.

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