4 things the Galaxy S8 does not have and you don’t know

┬┐have You followed the presentation of the Galaxy S8 with us? If so, you’ll have seen all it has the new terminal of Samsung, but if it flies, we’re going to talk to you about 4 things the Galaxy S8 does not have.

At the time of purchasing a new device, it is important that you know what you have and what you don’t have the Galaxy S8. We could say, that has everything less the following 4 things the Galaxy S8 does not have.

Sensor camara Galaxy S8

4 things the Galaxy S8 does not have

These are:

  • Dual camera. If you want a smartphone with the technology of dual camera forget about because the Galaxy S8 has been passed to implement this technology. So if you thought that this terminal came with dual camera, you’re not going to buy it because it does not include it and you’re not going to buy it unless you are given equal and don’t need it. Is there really difference in the quality of the photos? It has been shown that you can take pictures equally amazing with a single ?
  • Battery enough. If you say that this is a reason that the samsung Galaxy S8 not to exploit secure that you will stay more calm. But what is certain is that the guys at Samsung have decided to do. Though it has increased much the size of the screen, if we talk about the capacity we stayed in 3,000 mAh and 3,500 mAh respectively.
  • front Speakers. For the most finicky of sound like this can be a problem, but what is certain is that it lacks these speakers in the front of the terminal. Samsung keeps jack of 3.5 mm but with no front speakers.
  • Comfort at the time of use. We could say that we lack an extra comfort when using it, as for example, in the rear we find the camera and the fingerprint reader just to the side, which can be really uncomfortable and that has been one of the failures fatter detected by the users.

are Not blunders

As you can see, they are not serious things, but a few that we wanted you to meet. Do you think that the Galaxy S8 has defects or that are nonsense? We hope that you have liked the article, with 4 odd things that the samsung Galaxy S8 not to have and that you might not know.

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