4 applications that you can download for the current hurricane season

The earth is taking many climate change that create storms, typhoons and hurricanes around the world. The hurricane season this year began on June 1 in the Atlantic Ocean and ends November 30, 2018. We are halfway through the season and we have seen how many countries have been affected by the passage of several hurricanes powerful. For this reason, we want to raise awareness among the population so that they have 4-critical applications on your mobile to the hour of a minor storm caused by the passage of a typhoon.

Remember having always have your mobile to hand, and buy some waterproof seat covers or water proof. Mobile phones are means of communication and through them we receive information if a storm is threatening the stability of your family. What is more likely is that you want to keep up to date, and these 4 applications will do very well.

4 applications that you can download in the hurricane season

below you are going to submit 4 applications that are essential to live in an area frequented by hurricanes.

First Aid – IFRC

we Must have knowledge of first aid or an application that will teach you what you should do in special cases. First Aid is the official application IFRC that gives you access to all the information you need to handle in cases of emergency. In it we can find videos, quizzes, tips, and step-by-step of each case if you have never done. In addition, you’ll have the emergency numbers depending on the country in which you are located. It also has safety tips for weather conditions, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, and more.


The application FEMA it is of the utmost importance because it provides emergency information to help many people stay safe before, during, and after disasters. Although unfortunately, you can only to receive notifications in English, on bad weather in many places close to you. It is a simple tool and easy to use and offers safety tips to prepare us for emergencies. In the application you will receive alerts for weather, maps of shelters open in your area, centers FEMA nearby and you can share photos of the disaster.


The gas is something that is essential for moving from one place to another, and GasBuddy is an application that will save you money and time to find cheap fuel. It has about 60 million users. It should be noted that the information provided by the users that are in your area. In it we find the prices of gasoline to help others, you will earn points, achievements, and you will be participating to win $ 100 in free gas every day.


you Have to know the place where you live at the time of a weather emergency, and Waze is an application that provides maps. In addition, you will know everything that happens on the road even if you know the path, because that will warn of traffic, construction, police, accidents and many more things to real-time. It is very important, because we will see everything that is happening in the streets while we are kept in the house or for when we go out to buy something.

These 4 applications are essential for hurricane season, and they are completely free in the Google store. In addition, we recommend that you have some weather apps downloaded because these predict what is going to happen. Have you been through a natural disaster?

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