3 reasons why you should not download paid apps for free on Android

Android applications can be of two forms: Free or paid. Yes, that is to say, can be free with payment in-app, totally free or payment. Payment applications are made by professional developers seeking a return on their creations, and there are several reasons why you should not download paid apps for free on Android.

we All know that in addition of Google Play on Android, unlike what happens in iOS, it is very easy download paid applications totally free of charge by other methods “non-official” through APK files or shopping for anything genuine but there are 3 reasons that we believe that you should not do so, and we hope that you understand that.

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For what reasons it is not okay to download paid apps for free on Android?

There are several reasons, some of them are for safety and others are ethical but what is clear is that we believe that are sufficient to do so.

Are dangerous for your phone, you’re not safe from malware

The APKs that are not from Google Play are not safe from malware. Any cybercriminal can create an APK of a paid app for people to download for free. With this APK you can get permissions in your mobile, data and a lot of information that can be very important to you. Just look at the problems of security of Aptoide stores and other retailers.

apps that come from Google Play, pass a series of checks much more strict since the others do not pass any type of control. If you download an app from Google Play it would be very unlikely that you have malware but if it is a APK external it is more likely that if you have it and someone has inserted some code that you do not see but that it will do its job.

Problemas de seguridad Aptoide

you’re stealing the work of others, please keep this in mind

Download a paid app for free is stealing. Yes, it’s like who download a movie, a series or a song without paying for it. Download paid apps through unofficial sources is steal the work and sacrifice of others.

To make a good Android application, it takes time, resources and a lot of money. If you steal the work of others does not aids developers to create applications good. It is as if your boss decides not to pay you at the end of the month for 4 or 5 days because it does not give you the win. It would be the same.

you will Not be able to update them the easy way

in Addition, for your convenience, download an Android application through Google Play means that we’ll have quick updates and stable that will be creating a better application.

If we download the APK externally in addition to steal, be at risk for malware, nor will we be able to update the application form “normal” and when we do we will have looking for the network a new APK with the new update. If any of the times you will not fall in the malware sure for the next you do. There are many APKs infected and that is why we do not recommend to install files external to Google Play.

What do you think of these three reasons? Do you think that is enough to not download paid apps for free on Android? We look for your safety and ethically it is not right. I do not recommend doing something that you nor I would like. Be careful with this topic because in addition to putting in risk your safety you are attacking the work of others.

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