3 hidden places on the maps PUBG Mobile apps you should know

The maps PUBG are so large that at times or we lose or we get secret places. Though Fortnite has gained more popularity in the year, this interesting Battle Royale offers optimal experience for our mobile. Today we will show you several secret places of PUBG so you can scroll like a pro. don’t tell anyone!

After you see these secret places of PUBG, thou shalt take a certain advantage over the people who don’t know about. Use this information wisely, take your time to see these tips that will make you climb faster level and you will become a better player.

The best secret places of PUBG

Tunnels of Shelter

it Is a bunker secret in PUBG in which you can find several weapons, among them a Kar 98k. In the photo above these lines is the exact location of these tunnels in the map.

below you’ll see an image with the map of Shelter seen on the inside:

once you reach this place, you’ll be able to muster up the teeth and go out to seek that victory once and for all.

Look at this photo of how to see the tunnels on the outside so that you don’t accidentally and you arrive directly to this hidden location PUBG Mobile:

The orange Blossom – Miramar

it Is a site with very good loot which is located to the naked eye but the players little known. In that location are items of level 3 and level 2, many medicines and everything necessary to go out and find the victory.

The Blessed – Miramar

it Is a crater that lies in the middle in the map that there is a plane shot down. Although it is also a simple dress, and the players very little pass here. For this reason, it is a good site to keep you hidden and shoot them with sniper your enemies.

If you were looking for a good place to hide and make yours, think no more and places the Blessed in Miramar.

Without a doubt, these three hidden places in PUBG Mobile have their charm. But, what was the most you liked?

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