3 functions that you must disable in your new Android

When you have a new smartphone the first thing you usually do is download the apps that you like and your preferred services. But, have you ever wondered if you mobile is configured correctly? At times you could improve your operation. So today I tell you about 3 functions that you should disable in your new mobile.

automatic Brightness

The manufacturers of smartphones offer a system of automatic brightness for each device. So your phone detects the level of light around and adapts to your screen so that you can view it with comfort. The idea is great, however most of the times this setup is not the most optimal. And is that generally the luminosity is higher than is really needed.

The brightness increases the energy consumption, which is very detrimental to the battery of your mobile phone. That’s why we recommend you to turn off the auto brightness and adjust it manually. In this mode your device will gain in autonomy and well you know thank. In addition take a look at the options screen, some may require a change. For example, it is not necessary to keep the screen of your phone lit for more than 1 minute. This is another adjustment that will advise you to carry out.

Animations and transitions

If your smartphone is not too potent, definitely this is something that you must do. Disable transitions and animations. that Is to say, all those effects that we can see the change of screen or from one application to another. These effects can be very aesthetic, but are not necessarily functional. To turn them off, the transitions will be much faster, why not give it a try?

What to disable for Google to continue tracking your position

you Just need to activate the developer options. Once this is done follow the following steps:

  • In the options menu that is displayed choose the option Scale animation of window.
  • Then select Scale of transition-animation.
  • Press the option Scale of duration of an animator. Here is where you’ll be able to reduce or simply disable them.

Bloatware and pre-installed applications

This is another tip that may be very useful to optimize the performance of your new smartphone. What is more likely is that your phone contains several applications preinstalled. Well it is a Google service, or an app from the manufacturer, these applications also take up space, they can also work in the background.

and In some specific cases you can delete these apps. But usually applications and services of Google you can’t delete. In this case you do not have to worry anymore, simply desactivalas. So do not take up space inside your system and will not return to bother you.

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