3 features that a good camera of a mobile should have

today, with your smartphone you can make the best photos and even record videos of high quality. That is why it is important that your mobile has a camera capable of doing so. So to avoid any doubt, we present you 3 characteristics that a good camera of a mobile should have.

The best resolution

The resolution of the camera on your smartphone is perhaps the most important feature that one should possess. The resolution goes on to define the dimensions or the size of the photo. And as you can imagine, the larger the size, the more information you have the photo. So if you want to have a mobile phone with a powerful camera you must notice of the resolution.

A camera of between 10 and 12 megapixel camera can be ideal for you. This will allow you to expand your photo if you want to see some small detail in it or if you want to edit it. In this way you will be able to have an image of quality without being too heavy.

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so remember do not exaggerate when they choose the mobile phone with the best camera. Since a camera with low resolution will give you a photo of poor quality and few details. But, a resolution too high could make very slow your camera while shooting.

An optical stabilizer quality

This is a detail that you should not let go of. A good optical image stabilizer (OIS) fix possible tremors that occur while you are taking the photo. that Is to say, will allow your image to be quality even when the take while you are in your car or you are walking, for example. This will give you the peace of mind to have a sharper photo, and not to get moved.

in Addition, the OIS is very useful for low light photography, as it will make you see clearly in spite of its low illumination.

A good image processor

Your mobile can have the best camera in the world, but if the software that processes the photos is poor, the images will be a disaster. so, this is another very important point if you are looking for a smartphone with a good camera. So it is best that you try the mobile by taking a picture and seeing if the image processing is optimal. This way, you can be sure.

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