3 discounts on accessories Dodocool, that you can’t let escape

The company Dodocool we know from a long time ago for its accessories, and now, taking advantage of that come the spring, has since 3 of its accessories most famous offer.

What is certain is that the deals Dodocool are not very common but this time it comes one of the most interesting because we will be able to get a charger, a headset or a car charger to the half of its price. How to get the accessories Dodocool for half its price? Is very easy, pay attention.

How to get discounts on accessories Dodocool?

To get the discount simply follow these steps, very simple and without doing anything to the other world:

  • we Enter in the promotion website through this link.
  • Choose one of the 3 accessories, or any of that want, and select the country, among which is Spain, then click on Get Code and get the discount.
  • products are available in Amazon Spain and there is where we will use the code that gives us this site to enjoy the product at a discounted price, up to a 48% discount in the case of any of the products.

The offer will be available from 24th of march until the 31st of march, you still have 4 days to get one of these accessories at the best price. What can you find?

Headphone Hi-Res In-Ear

headphones that give a very good result in, they are made of quality materials and certified with audio high quality. In addition to that come with integrated microphone for making calls and they are really comfortable. what are you waiting for?

Headphones high quality Dodocool

Charger 5 ports

Cargador Dodocool

If you have many devices at home, it is likely that a USB charger up to 5 ports will come out great. The charger allows you to charge several of your devices at once with a effective charging of 5 V 2.4 provided that the total load on the adaptor does not exceed 8 A. it Is compatible with almost any mobile phone or tablet on the market.

Charger 5-port Dodocool

car Charger high quality double

Cargador coche Dodocool

finally we have a car charger of high quality to really competent and compact. The charger accepts a power up to 24 W and has two USB ports for charging two devices at the same time. The charger features adaptive load detected by the voltage supported by your phone or tablet to load correctly. It is very compact and does not call anything the attention.

car Charger dual-Dodocool

as you can see Dodocool strip the house through the window and allows you to buy these 3 accessories at a price of laughter, a few high quality headphone for less than 13 euros, a USB charger 5 ports for less than 12 euros, and a car charger dual for less than 6 euros. what’s your favourite? Remember that you must use the link inside the article to get the discount.

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