2 features horrible that would arrive to WhatsApp 2017

me personally I like WhatsApp. I am more of Telegram because the features I like more and the Interface is more clean, more neat (and it also bothers me less people). But these days I am not at all happy with the guys from WhatsApp confirmed these two characteristics, we’re going to talk about. We are faced with 2 horrific features that would come to WhatsApp in 2017.

But what may be raising the kids of WhatsApp to be so bad? I am not exaggerating. One of these features is almost official, so be careful because it might appear from one moment to another. The other is more played in other apps, and you don’t have waste.

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2 horrific features that would come to WhatsApp in 2017

These 2 horrific features that would come to WhatsApp in 2017, are the following:

  • real-time Location for groups. What you hear. Few days ago we spoke in depth that a beta of WhatsApp which is already being tested in some corners of the world and that could come at any time, allows in groups, your friends can know your location in real-time. This assumes that you have done so that friends could be more easily. But what if you added a group by pretending to be another person…? However. Everything indicates that this feature could turn it off, but who knows if by default will come on. You can check out all about the functionality of the location in real time to groups of WhatsApp here.
  • Notification of screen shots. One of the ways to immortalize the conversations from WhatsApp or to share with others what that you are talking with someone, is taking a screenshot of the conversation. This insurance that you do often. But it is possible that WhatsApp in 2017 to add this functionality to notify if someone has taken screen shots of your conversation. Another feature horrible especially if you are the one that pulls out catches (not my case), but it seems to me fatal, even so, because there are times that there is no more remedy.

What do you think about these 2 features? Do you think that could be worse or have you heard of any other that could be more terrifying? Take advantage of the comments, we’ll add it to the article.

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