10 tricks and tips to Twitter very curious

If you use Twitter, you may need to know about these 10 tips for Twitter very curious. Many users use Twitter, but they are not aware of all the options that this network offers. Depending on how you look and what you are involved in, could offer much more than Facebook. – do you Want to know it all Twitter? With these cheats you are going to tell you, you will know a lot and you’ll start to use Twitter with a foundation and you go better things. Don’t miss them!


The top 10 tricks for Twitter

The importance of the profile picture for your personal brand

profile photo is very important on Twitter. Remember that Twitter is only yours and depending on what you spend on it, could be the key to take off in your business. For example, if you work on the Internet as an editor of articles and you want to to reinforce your personal brand, you will need to show a profile picture of yours. If you show anything else, it is possible that more well-espantes to the customers… because customers want to hire a professional who would like to know who it is. If you put the image of a cat and you sell that you are Auditor SEO, like escape running and looking for another more complete profile.

The description matters for search work

Twitter is one of the major means of dissemination of content now. Is important that your description is ideal. 100% targeted to your profession, to attack your sector. This you must do it as well if you want to live your personal brand. It is important that you take advantage of Twitter for this purpose. You can always use a hashtag. As advice, I will tell you that you do not mix never your Twitter profile, work with the staff in which try sensitive topics like football and politics.

Repeats your tweets and get more views

There are plugins for WordPress that publishes your content in a loop so that it does not die, as for example Next Script Auto Poster. If you post that you have already published, you’ll be able to get more visitors. Eye with SPAMMING. Not tuitees the same content multiple times in the day. This could make you seem to be “heavy” and lose followers. But yes tweet the same thing once in a while, stripes different. You’ll have to see when it works. You can always inspire you on good Social Media, or competition.

The relevant content is the key to success

To have followers, you’ll have to be very active (that is clear). But another way to gain followers the natural, natural way, that is by posting relevant content. This is related to the previous paragraph. Sometimes less is more. Whenever you post, that is relevant to the user. So you can create a target audience, a profile of the ideal user, a faithful follower, that you will ever read.

If it is very good, Google will remind you at all.

twitter highlights llega a Android

Used texts that are attractive

To be essential on Twitter, not only will you have to post relevant content, but also appealing texts along with links to grab the user’s attention.

Organize your account list

did you Know that you can organize your account by lists? Is something that is already not so new that we recommend, especially so that your follower will not be lost among so much content. So you’ll be able to keep it well organized. The ideal is that you create multiple lists based on your interests. Works very well to attract followers and keep current ones.

From twitter.com/usuario/list you can create your lists. Private even.

see what lists you are

From the tab “Lists“, if you click on Member of, you can see what you are. This is quite relevant to know how popular you are and essential for other accounts that have wanted to get involved.

the trick of The point to the references

This cheat point is more popular than you think and is it possible that you sound, but you don’t know how it works. If you want a tweet to see all your followers your timeline, you’ll have to add any character before the @, as for example a point. In this way, the tweet will be able to see all the fans and not only the common between you and the other person mentions.

For example [email protected].

images are key on Twitter

If you want to stand out and be different, special and like the most, a way to draw the attention of users is through the pictures on Twitter. Today, they are the key to success. recommend that you try Canvas. You’ll get professional results and of 10 very fast. The tool is free (mostly) and has many interesting options. It is possibly one of the best photos. Share always photos. Users are lazy, read by the eyes.

Added the code from Twitter to your page

If you have a website and want to put your timeline for users to see your tweets, you can add it easily with this script that you can get from the web site of Twitter. You have told in this article. We recommend that you take a look, because it might bring you something especially if you have a blog or website and you want users to visit you are aware of your recent tweets. Always adds value to a page.

we Hope we were surprised with these tricks and tips for Twitter. Remember that it is not a social network. Today, it is widely used by businesses and professionals who want to strengthen your personal brand, to do this, you will have to follow these tips. So now you know!

did you Know that Twitter is perfect to promote your personal brand?

A high percentage of users make use of Twitter in order to positioning your personal brand on the net. It is a way to gain followers and more people know your work, know your position and they can hire you. For this profile of users, make use of Twitter is essential.

If you are looking for work or you want to gain customers, one way is by creating a social profile on Twitter very full: the image of the actual profile, description 100% appropriate that you define your position, good header image and good content. If your goal is to enhance your business or personal brand, be careful with topics that have nothing to do with this on your Twitter.

always Separated the personal and professional.

But also…

  • Not only can you enhance your personal brand, you can also be aware of the news.
  • you Can give your opinion on any topic through hashtags.

Many TV programs, radio or events, make use of the hashtag so that users can give their opinions and discuss certain topics.

what Is the best alternative to Facebook?

Not exactly. Twitter is not a social network. Pursues other objectives. We recommend you to use it yes:

  • you Want to be aware of everything that happens day to day.
  • you Want to know news specific, following only people that you give something.
  • you Want to leave your mark on the Internet / promote your personal brand.
  • Want to discuss and comment on your interests.

you see that is quite different to Facebook. With all of this that you have been told, you’ve already got enough material to wear it as it deserves. I see that you do not have waste!

what you can think of more things to add to the list?

The post 10 tricks and tips to Twitter very curious

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