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If you have little time or perhaps not enough playing Clash Royale, it is important that you discover these 10 good strategies for Clash Royale that we’re going to show. We have been playing since launch, and one of our characters already exceeds the 2.350 cups. So we’ll show you 10 good strategies that we know and we have seen that work well and that we too have worked for you, don’t miss them, because some may help you to improve.

Clash Royale, 10 strategies great

Provide a better strategy for winning is always impossible, because it is like the game of stone, paper or scissors, before some rivals we will be unbeatable but others might give us a real beating. If you do not want to miss ever, you have to follow a strategy of defense, but do not forget to attack or not you’ll go in the draw. These are 10 good strategies for Clash Royale that we know, we will soon see more:

10 mejores estrategias clash royale

Prince in the best time

Sure that you know the prince, that letter that since you started to play Clash Royale did you want to have in your team and that it is possible that he will not be easy to get. So play with the prince is without doubt one of the best strategies, but for it to work we must launch it at the right time, because otherwise there will not be in vain. When is the best time? When your opponent has exhausted the elixir and when you do not have any tower in the middle. You must know very well to your opponent, to be able to cast the prince in the best time, because if you goes well you will have reached the tower, and the first blow is double. If you arrive at the tower, you already know that you are going to do a lot of damage and you will have gone a long way.

Double prince

Another of the great strategies more views lately is that of the double prince: prince + dark prince, this last is one of the new cards Clash Royale. This strategy begins to look a lot lately, and it works, because so much force board is difficult to stop. To stop it, a tesla with a few barbarians or minions is good. So try to have on hand a few arrows, or fireball, because you’re going to want to stand all of this force. A force that as you reach the tower is relentless.

P. E. K. K. A in the high-level

If you have the P. E. K. K. A in good level (for example more than 3), use it, because although spent 7 elixir will compensate (but only in high level). You have to use it from the back of the tower, because although a ball of fire you can do a minimum of damage, will remain alive and kicking for a long time. It is not easy to kill as you already know, because if you have arrows prepared while you throw a few minions will disappear. At a high level, is capable of killing every barbarian with a single blow. As you say, use it if you have it at high level because it will be relentless. And as you have a mirror and a cast of two, the game is yours.

Montapuercos + freeze

This is one of the most popular strategies and views on the game, and that also works very well. I love it, but for it to work you must know how to use well the freeze. You’ll have to launch the montapuercos when there are no obstacles on the way, as for example a tesla or cannon (because if there is one is allowed to defeat him and we will be left without him). If there is an obstacle, not going to work out for nothing. And a lot of care with the freeze, if the montapuercos arrive at the tower wait a little to use the freeze if you launch a letter right after. He trains a lot with this deck, it is infallible. But you can freeze it also, as you know.

Houses and more houses

This strategy is one of the most “hated”, but it works. It consists of putting houses and not stop coming out of goblins and skeletons everywhere. You can try putting the houses of heroes of the lance from the back, it seems not, but it works, because stop attacks and in addition little by little they are eating the tower. And if you like barbarians, you can also try houses of the barbarians. This strategy is attack + defense. In high levels, it does not work so well. From the 2,000 cups you will start to see little.

ranged Attacks

This strategy is also a little repellent, but it works. It consists in using for example crossbow + tesla / tower inferno + canyon. When you put these 3 letters, you’ll run out of elixir, but you try to have on hand a few arrows (to defend yourself from the minions), or a ball of fire (to defend yourself against the barbarians). You can also use a rocket. It seems that not but defending well back, with torres and others to your opponent that you have to stop and launching a rocket at a distance, you can win a good game.

The fearsome Golem at high level

The Golem is one of the worst cards, because it is very strong. Many use it in their rows, from the back to then go to replenishing elixir. You have to use it but only in high level, more than 2 for example, because it’s not going to be too effective for their cost of elixir. You can use it with a mage in the back, and have some arrows on hand, because some of the minions eat well, like a tesla. And if you use a mirror with this card, you can go shaking your opponent.

Duo of giants

Although this is not one of my favorite strategies, it works, because the two giants (giant noble and normal giant) have much of a life, that makes our opponent lose a lot of time trying to destroy them. And while doing so, we can attack on the other side with a letter quick (au-prince, montapuercos or Mini P. E. K. K. A). Does not work at all bad if you like this type of cards.

small Letters by the means

Letters style goblins of the spear, arqueras, mosquetera or princess, it seems not but they are doing a lot of damage. Especially the princess, who is hard to get but easy to kill when you are attacking the tower at a distance and we haven’t released any cards to stop it. These letters are interesting, because they tend to form a mars decks that spend little elixir, then you can be all the while throwing cards on the table and defending and attacking a few.

The horde of minions is the key

Using the minions, well, when your opponent already has no arrows or fireball, I could give you the victory, because if you end up with the tower. You don’t say if you use freezing (the freezing while eating the tower), but what is certain is that we are before one of the stronger card. Not always goes well, but as you exit, these minions can eat from a tesla, up to a golem, or a prince that prevents it to reach the tower. They are easy to kill with arrows, and the freezing, also a magician. The duo of magicians is other good strategies, but for that you must also have the ice.

Clash Royale EspanolStill there are more strategies, but they are coming. It’s not going to become crazy with so much strategy!

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What do you think are our strategies? Are you going to try any?

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