YouTube Go: The new app of YouTube for slow connections


In some places people love YouTube but when you try to access a video found with a poor 2G connection, or, simply, YouTube does not work because of the bad connection to the Internet. This means that these people can not see YouTube in the normal way.

In India, especially, a lot of users are not able to access a huge amount of videos as its experience in mobile with low power or a bad connection, is lousy. YouTube has seen that people have problems to see videos in these countries and for that reason have been encouraged to launch YouTube Go.


YouTube-Go: What does the new Google application?

a while Ago, YouTube launched the ability to save YouTube videos for later viewing (this allows you to not have problems with the buffer), then allowed us to schedule the videos to see them in the street and finally have launched this app, a app that reinvents YouTube to solve the problem.

YouTube-Go is a app faster, more relevant and accessible to all, plus it has innovative features. It’s like the Facebook Lite Facebook, a version highly diluted but just as usable and with the basic experience.

YouTube-Go has been programmed from scratch to provide a interface fast and personalized for users with bad connection. The application allows you to work with limited or low connectivity, it ensures the transparency and use of data, and allows us to save a lot of megas. It is very useful.

Features of YouTube Go

  • Search and discover related videos to the right of the home screen: YouTube Go to us shows a home screen with the most popular videos in your area.
  • Watch the videos before you view them or save them: You may make a preview of the video by clicking on the image to have idea of what is involved.
  • to Change the resolution to store or transmit a video: If someone want to save a video to watch later on, you can choose the amount of data to spend, and the resolution of the same.
  • Share videos with close friends: it Will be easy to share videos between friends and family with the application.

For the moment YouTube makes it clear that the implementation of YouTube Go to be slow and will be held in the coming months. To get more information about the project or get the APK to be attentive to our website because we will post it as soon as you discover it, another thing is that it works…

More information | YouTube Go

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