YouTube considers hide the comments in your application

Google keeps bringing you what’s new this week. The american giant is now working on various improvements in one of its most popular services. We talk about YouTube. From the changes that have occurred in the advertising, now the company is focusing its efforts on one of its most controversial: comments.

is well known To all the controversy with the comments on YouTube. It is without a doubt the ideal place for the trolls are at ease. Google is not happy with this and are considering taking some measures to try to improve the experience of users. What are you planning to do YouTube with comments? to Hide them. At least in its application for smartphones.

Comments hidden on Youtube

This is what they report from Android Police. In the current YouTube app to be able to see the comments down the entire interface of suggestions below the video. There, at the end are comments. Are not visible with ease, or at least not at first glance, but Google is not happy with this system.

In the new system that Google is currently developing the comments will be presented in a different way. From now on the comments would be along to the buttons “I like” and “I don’t like”. In addition, now would be a icon to be able to access the comments. With this new function we save having to scroll to the end to see them. In this way the comments will always be hidden, unless the user wishes to not be the case.

at the moment there is nothing confirmed. This is a new feature and way of presenting the comments is in the testing phase. Therefore, we do not know if you want to if you end up forming part of the application. It may not be a big change, but now the comments will be only visible for those who want to comment or see them. WhatWhat do you think about this new move from Google? What will be effective in responding to trolls on YouTube? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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