You’ll be able to train with 6 Pokémon in gyms

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one of the future updates Pokémon GO you’ll be able to train with 6 Pokémon in gyms. The guys in Niantic have released this important update on their blog that would come to the gyms of Pokémon GO. We still do not know the exact date nor the exact time of when it will come to us, but it could be this same month of October.

When we train in a gym of our team (Mystic, Instinct or Value), after the update we will have more options than ever, because the coaches are going to be able to carry up to 6 Pokémon to fight instead of only one. This is better, because more Pokémon may be fighting at the time instead of now, which is only one.

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Train with 6 Pokémon in gyms

it Seems that we will have many developments in that gyms are concerned. You have to be over that we may train with 6 Pokémon in gyms, we can also adjust the Battle Points temporarily, so as to train of best way in every moment, adapting to the abilities of the Pokémon.

All changes are necessary and make sense, as this update would improve quite a bit the way in which we train the Pokémon currently. If you want to enjoy it, it seems that would have to wait at least a couple more weeks, still has not come to light a possible release date for this update of the game.

With these changes in addition, the jugadores that have a lower level of CP will be able to train your Pokémon equally, with companions who are more superior, is something like equal temp. So will be able to improve in a manner more fair to all users. This promise now, but we do not know when it will arrive.

Update that it would arrive in October

Now that the market share of Pokémon GO has plummeted -is estimated to play a only a 20% of users who downloaded the game-will have to add new features if they really want the game to be what it promised at the beginning.

This functionality of the fitness gyms from then that has no waste. Soon we will tell you more.

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