You know the best game asian strategy

If you are a lover of games of strategy and of the famous manga, Grand Chase is perfect for you. But if you want to know more about this wonderful game asian can’t stop reading this post.

Grand Chase, a title that is asia different from the rest

Grand Chase is a game asian strategy that has everything that a title of this genre should have. Missions, objectives, characters, type sleeve and an interface with a large variety of elements available to the player are his strong point. in Addition, this game has its own soundtrack to liven up your game. Without doubt an ideal game to discover what the RPG (Role playing game) arrived from the far east.

is a game that Is technically perfect and with a design and some outstanding graphics. Effects “magic” and sound deserve a ten. Another plus point is that unlike most RPG asian, Grand Chase comes translated to Spanish. The game is totally free and it is fairly user-friendly and very simple to play.

Learn to play Grand Chase

In this game basically what you need to do is form a group of heroes that will evolve as we go along. Are 70 different heroes with unique abilities. These skills must combine them the best way to defeat our enemies. So we have to decide very well at the time of being in the most difficult situations of the game.

Each hero will use his powers and his magic to allow us to move forward throughout the game. At the start of each game, there will be the characters delivering dialogues to delve into the history and give us directions to achieve our objectives. This game takes very good care of every aspect to be able to snag the player. And yes that works.

Another goodness of the title is the fun of its gameplay. The controls are very simple, because we can controlling the characters by pressing on the screen. We can also use the option self-motion so that the characters move by themselves. So we can focus on the launch of powers and magic to our enemies.

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But do not let them tell and download Grand Chase on your device via the link below.

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