You can now use emojis Android 6.0.1 in Swiftkey

Emojis Android 6.0.1 en Swiftkey

¿you Want the emojis Android 6.0.1 in Swiftkey? Now it is possible with the new beta of Swiftkey. We are facing one of the applications of keyboard most popular that exist, that will allow us to enjoy an amazing experience with the handling of keys. The best part is that these guys have been updated with a beta that allows you to send new emojis Android 6.0.1 via keyboard:

emojis Android 6.0.1 come to Swiftkey

SwiftKey 6.0 para Android

no longer have an excuse to enjoy the best emojis, because now the most recent Android 6.0.1 already have come to Swiftkey. Let us remember that not long ago we received an update from these guys with two developments are crucial: word prediction and redesign of the Settings. However, it is now modernized with the new emojis.

Important: only compatible with a Marshmallow. Google has restricted these things well, and this beta of Swiftkey is only compatible with users who have Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. You will need to have the latest update to be able to enjoy them through your own keyboard. If you meet these requirements, you’ll be able to see the unicorn, the robot and many more emojis fun on the keyboard from these guys.

What is the purpose of this? That users who have Marshmallow and prefer to to use the keyboard from Swiftkey to the native, to be able to enjoy the new emojis to squeeze your experience to the fullest and be even better.

Download beta Swiftkey with new emojis

wait No more and get ready to download this new beta of the guys from Swiftkey with the new emojis Marshmallow. An update that integrates other new features such as correction of errors (including predictive emojis) that is always good.

Android 6.0.1: Características y nuevos emojis

These emojis Android 6.0.1 you will be able to enjoy them now in your Marshmallow, I’ll leave you the link to the download, which is already in the Play Store. What do you think of Swiftkey now that you’ll also have the new emojis? Are you happy?

Download | Swiftkey in the Google Play Store

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