You can already install Android Nougat 7 (MIUI 8) in the Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi is one of the companies that often forget about their terminals more old, or the new ones. Unlike what many people believe is a company that usually upgrade all your terminals (without exceptions) for a few years.

Now, after that Nougat is present in some Android, the time has come that the chinese company try the beta of Android 7 Nougat in their flagship star, the Xiaomi Mi5. Xiaomi has revealed the official developer of the Xiaomi Mi5 with a Nougat, but for the moment, only in the ROM china and not in the developer Global. This is something completely usual, the version 6.12.8 (MIUI 8) is already based in Nougat.


Xiaomi launches the developer with Nougat for the Xiaomi Mi5

keep in mind that it is the first beta of Nougat and therefore it is not recommended for normal use although there are many people using the ROM developer instead of the stable ROM. We do not recommend you use the developer in any way, but if you are going to do better than the last version.

ROM china with MIUI 8 based on a Nougat is not available in Spanish so if you do take into account that you’re going to have to use in English or in Chinese. Of here to reach to developer global not missing much. If you’re going to install it is recommended that you make a backup, as always in every change of ROM.

Nougat reaches the Xiaomi Mi5 in the version 6.12.8

interface Nougat in the Xiaomi Mi5 is still the same, MIUI 8 so that the visual difference will not be for nothing, effectively. That yes, keep in mind that the ROM developer based in Nougat, you still have some problem with the Wifi and the data connection so, if you’re going to flash, do it knowing what you can expect.

The new ROM with Nougat occupies 1.3 GB and the best thing is to download the ROM from the Wifi network and not with the data connection, if you want to download it then we’ll leave you the link. If you don’t know how to install a ROM in Xiaomi here is a step by step tutorial.

Download | MIUI 6.12.8 for Xiaomi Mi5

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