You can already book the new Samsung Gear S2, which will arrive in Spain on the 23rd of October

Imagen del Samsung Gear S2

we Already have the official date for the landing of the new smartwatch of Samsung in Spain, we refer to the Samsung Gear S2, which will be available starting October 23. Therefore, from today we will be able to carry out its reserves both in physical stores that sell products of the Korean manufacturer as the official shop online of Samsung.

In terms of prices, are included among the 349 euros for the normal version and 379 euros for version classic. If we talk about the colors in which we will have available the new Samsung Galaxy Gear S2, we find the possibility of choosing between two colour combinations for the normal version, which would be: the body dark gray and the strap grey dark or the body silver and the belt white, and one for the version classic, with a black body and leather strap.

Several weeks ago as we had the first contact with this new smartwatch, in which we were able to test their proprietary operating system Tizen, remember that Samsung does not bet again by Android Wear as the operating system, and the benefits and features associated with your new, rounded design, as the management interface by means of the circumferential main that acts as a wheel.

Features of the Samsung Gear S2

we must Not fail to remember its specifications, among which are your circular screen 1.2 inches with Super AMOLED technology and a pixel density of 302 pixels-per-inch (360 x 360 pixels), and your dual-core processor optimized, an Exynos 3250, for all tasks that require the use of our smartwatch, since opening the email to monitor our physical activity. In addition, it has NFC, battery 250 mAh, RAM 512 mb, internal storage of 4 gb and resistance IP68 water and dust.

The above features belong to the Bluetooth version of the device, which is the one that goes on sale the mentioned 23 October. The differences with respect to the 3G version, would be an increase to the 300 mAh in the battery, the change of processor to a Snapdragon 400 and a slight increase in the final dimensions of the device. Of this version with 3G there is still no release date or official price.

therefore, from the day of today it is available in pre-buy the new Samsung Gear S2 with Tizen, although until the 23rd of October will have to wait to get with him. Remember that there are several versions with different combinations of colors, highlighting the model classic with his leather strap. do you Think to get the new smartwatch from Samsung?

What you think? Head over to you can Already book the new Samsung Gear S2, which will arrive in Spain on the 23rd of October, to leave your mark.

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