Xiaomi reveals its algorithm DeepExposure AI that restores details and colors in the photographs

Xiaomi has released its new algorithm DeepExposure AI, one has the ability to restore photos that are poorly exposed. The evolution photograph of the trademark in china has been imminent in this 2018. Without a doubt, this new algorithm will make the mobile phones of Xiaomi to take better pictures.

Many smartphone cameras expose poor photos when the light is more bright or too dark. This is a bug present on mobile devices from several manufacturers in the Android universe. Today, Xiaomi introduced the new algorithm DeepExposure AI that will help to balance the photos with lights and precise details.

All about the new algorithm DeepExposure AI

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, these problems will be solved in the photographs taken by a Xiaomi. This technology balances the exposure by splitting the photo in subgrafamentos, then adjusts the value of each fragment separately to take care of every detail. In the end, the different parts will fuse together and create a picture much more optimal.

The accurate exposure is the key to capturing high quality photos in computational photography, particularly for mobile phones which are limited by the size of the camera modules,“ the researchers wrote. They ensure that the algorithm was inspired in the masks used by the photographers professionals.

The new algorithm of AI is in charge of doing all the process of image segmentation. After completing the fragmentation, it starts with the input low resolution, and fusion occurs directly from the image. Each photo is processed with exhibitions both local and global.

The DeepExposure AI was created in the framework TensorFlow of Google with a GPU Nvidia P40 Tesla. This was the technology used for the new algorithm of the chinese company, one that is more powerful than any other in the market.

We are confident that the new algorithm will make the devices of Xiaomi to take better pictures. In the same way, here we leave a tutorial that will explain how to take better photos in any Xiaomi.

however, how can this be enough to surpass other brands in terms of camera performance? See how to take pictures the Huawei P20 in the dark and make your own conclusions.

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