Xiaomi releases new terminal teasers My will present the April 23

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Last week, Xiaomi announced the launch of a new terminal Mi, where presentation will take place in India on April 23 . It appears that the manufacturer did not have to announce the presentation and want to draw more attention, as have posted some new teasers imagewise, where this time thanks to the source if we appreciate some crucial aspects of the new terminal.

The first teaser they use painting as La Gioconda, or also known as Mona Lisa, which cited a text translation means if both look the same. This could be a reference to definition of the screen, or the camera .

In this second cherish as mention a larger battery for a larger terminal, as this is lighter and can sense a good capacity, plus a considerable size of the terminal.

And finally, make mention of manufacture, will be used as a rule in the firm, leaving us clearly about good quality materials or against this construction.

Looks the same
Bigger battery, bigger phone
Crafted the same

In short, we are facing a terminal with a high definition screen Full HD least even be an option QHD , although it could also refer to the camera, you know. Next, a big battery and a large for this, which baffles if they refer to 5 inches or more, the field of phablet .

Suddenly when we consider the details, we can assume that we would see a new model for Xiaomi Mi Note, or even for Redmi Note, though we are still baffled with these, we are glad to know that presentation will be realized this week, the 23th and know who is behind all this.

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