Xiaomi, ready to make the best cameras, at any cost

Xiaomi has taken an enormous leap in the field of cameras in mobile devices. This is due, mostly, to the department of camera that the brand has. Spend a lot of time and money, and that has borne fruit, from here you will be able to learn everything you have achieved and your objectives for 2019.

Before you follow we’ll leave you with an interesting guide of the camera app of Xiaomi. Insurance that interests you and learn something you didn’t know a while ago 😉

The department of the house of Xiaomi is working to improve what we already have

Has been Lei Jung the manager to publish a post on Weibo, with some of the results. The first thing that has been mentioned is your work with My Mix 3 and his impressive score in DxOMark. Added to this was his Night Mode and its implementation in other mobile cheaper, as the Redmi Note 7 and its chamber 48 MP.

xiaomi mi 8 lite camara

And this is just one of your intentions most important. That is to say, want their mid-range are the best on the market. To do this will use tools like recording at 960 fps, or the Night Mode that we have mentioned above.

For this 2019 have many more things in mind. Have not given too many details but it is expected that its next flagship move to the next level in terms of quality. Who knows, you may be able to cope with the larger with a price that is more fitted and a software more polished.

How to set up the camera on your Xiaomi to take photos of higher quality

Only time will tell how it has been working on all this, 2019, and if you really have managed to improve what they already have today. what do You think of the cameras in terminals Xiaomi? Do you think that they are better than other brands? don’t leave without letting us your opinion in the comments section.

Source | Gizmo China

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