Xiaomi Mi5 already has a date for official presentation

xiaomi mi5 fecha oficial lanzamiento

One of the most desired smartphones is about to come to us. The Xiaomi Mi5 already has official release date and, despite the fact that the company has not leaked until now, many details about it, just a few hours as he revealed at the end. Xiaomi has chosen the month of February to present the Xiaomi Mi5, a movement with a great risk if we take into account that that same month, another begins of the key events of the year, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Date of presentation of the Xiaomi Mi5

The Xiaomi Mi5 is one of the terminals more popular the brand, and that has yet to be presented in a formal manner. excellent specifications and performance we all do buzz, in addition to the prestige that they give their previous models, making it one of the most demanded of the year.

problemas-que-xiaomi-debe-solucionarXiaomi has made public the release date the new shining star in your shop, but what is certain is that all us has left of stone. The day assigned for your presentation will be on the 24th of February, the same day that starts the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which would turn this event into one of the most in the media major of the year, or in a real catastrophe.

February 24, presentation of the Mi5

we Already know the infinity of data about the Xiaomi Mi5, however, its presentation is highly anticipated, since all we want to know the detail of their design, specifications and especially its price. The month of February will be without a doubt one of the most remembered from this year to 2016, but it may be that the Mi5 is overshadowed by this show of which we speak.

we will Have wait to see if this move from Xiaomi goes wrong to its new flagship, even though all signs point to yes. For the moment, the chinese social networks already await with fervor the output of this new device to the market.

What do you think the release date of the new Xiaomi Mi5? Do you think that is a date right?

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