Xiaomi Mi Band 1S, revealed the new image and imminent release date

Plano general de la Xiaomi Mi Band

Surely all of us can agree with that Xiaomi has done a great job with your current My Band, a simple bracelet smart to very low-cost yet capable of measuring steps, calories burned, be combined with applications related to many sports, like Google Fit and up to inform you of the notifications in real-time thanks to its vibration, and the three LEDs of the colors which incorporates in its upper part.

it Was quite likely that with the success of the chinese company with this product, sooner or later came a second version, both renewed, like enhanced in many aspects to offer more to the user without getting into a full land more swampy with bracelets quantifier with many more features and therefore a higher price.

Months ago there appeared the first image of the successor to the current My Band called My Band 1S, in which we saw how incorporated, in the absence of more details, a heart rate sensor on the back, the same that is in contact with the skin so as to measure our pulse and perhaps with the same sensor, more features that are not yet known.

New image and what possible filing date?

As well informs the middle HDBlog, to our surprise, has leaked a new image and even better: Its possible release date and even price that we could get to see them in our territory.

Going through the details, and following with the leaks, is expected to be made official this Saturday 7 November, with a price change of around 15 euros, almost equal to that of the current My Band that many of us own.

Mi Band 1S

This has activated the alarm of the press, for the following reason, and that is that the original page that has led to this information just a few minutes after to echo in the media, has been withdrawn to the full and deleted any information in this respect, quite striking.

with Respect to the My Band 1S, it is also possible that the same Saturday to be available for sale, so that little time is more than likely begin to appear in different shops online and we can make ourselves with it if we want.

how you will renew your current My Band for the new one if it only contains a heart rate sensor?

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