Xiaomi M1: the new clothes dryer smart that you’ll want to at home

everyone Already knows that Xiaomi makes products of any kind. The chinese company is always looking for a way to make your life easier. In this opportunity have launched the dryer smart Xiaomi M1, one that dries your clothes in just a few minutes.

The new dryer Xiaomi is very useful if you do not like to dry clothes on the outside or if there is a rainy weather in the area where you are. The M1 has a body minimalist with a nordic-style pretty friendly.

All about the new dryer smart Xiaomi

The Xiaomi M1 measured 102.40 x 49.60 x 15.60 cm and weighs 8 kg We are talking about a dimension that consumes little space. This dryer usually look at the roof, is ideal for placing in any part of the house.

The bar in which he puts the clothing is made of a alignment of high-quality aluminum which is resistant to rust. The long extension of the dryer, M1 is up to 168,5 cm, the size is adjusted depending on the amount of clothes you want to dry.

it Has support for 50 kg of clothes. The drying track you can stand around 30 pieces of winter clothing and approximately 50 pieces of summer clothing.

The machines are equipped with a lighting omnidirectional LED, so you won’t have to worry about the blocking of large pieces of clothing. During the drying process, the emission of light from large makes the work apply in every one of the garments. This light is produced by a panel consisting of 700 mm x 200 mm.

The dryer M1 can be operated with a single switch. Is a machine very easy to use, you need no knowledge of any kind. In addition, it is a product very flexible and durable.

¿you Want a dryer Xiaomi M1? In the button below you’ll be able to acquire it by 484€.

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