With this trick you can install apps more quickly from the Play Store

Recently, we discovered a new trick in the Play Store that allows you to install apps from the easiest and fastest way. This information is not yet officially released, but thanks to Reddit, we’ve managed to learn of this new feature.

Without a doubt, this trick will save time, and it has already been proven that serves perfectly both in EMUI, as in MIUI. In the following, we will show you how to perform this trick in the Play Store.

What is there to do to download and install apps from the Play Store faster?

trucos para instalar apps rapido

Without a doubt, it will now be easier for you to install an app, just follow the following steps from the mobile:

  • Open Play Store.
  • Search the app will be installed.
  • press and hold in the application without having to enter the details.
  • Will open a mini window at the bottom that tell you to Install it, click there and ready.

In this way, we will be able to install an application without having to view all of your information, as you previously did. Simply with hold the application we can already download and install it.

can open installed apps directly from the Play Store

instalar apps rapido

on the other hand, if you already have an application installed that and we are in the Play Store, this can be opened directly by applying the same process. Just follow the steps that we mentioned at the beginning, and when you open the mini window, in instead of saying Install, it will say Open. If we play there, the application will open directly from the Play Store.

Of truth, it is very useful and with this there is no doubt that the user will feel more comfortable at the time you download your favorite apps. It is worth noting, that Google wants to continue providing a good service ensuring a better experience on the Play Store.

however, if we want to try something different, we can use alternatives to the Google Play Store. We can even learn to install applications that are in pre-registration. Something that was not possible until it was discovered a new trick to do it.

┬┐You did the trick? If you have any questions, I will answer you in the comments.

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