With Image 2 Wallpaper, no more cropping or losing the quality of your wallpapers

Everyone has a wallpaper on your mobile phone, tablet and up to watch. Throughout the different versions of Android, the method to insert a wallpaper have been different, and in all by default Android forces you to crop or expand the image you want as the background.

from Android version 2.2 Froyo available “Image 2 Wallpaper”, an application that is designed to avoid clipping the image you want as wallpaper. In Image 2 Wallpaper we have mainly 3 features that prevent:

  1. Adjust to the width of the image: if we select this option our image fit according to their width (not to be confused with the width of your screen), and the height will be automatically adjusted. This option prevents the image from losing quality when you enlarge it. We’ll choose this option for images that have the highest ideal but the width is not sufficient for our device.

  2. to Adjust according to the screen width: this option is ideal for images with a lot of height and little width. If you select this option will adjust the image according to the screen width of your terminal, and this we can see the image on our desktop, and not only a piece, as it does by default Android. Note: If you move the desk to the left and right if it is that we have more than one desktop, the background will be all white, since all the wallpaper has been set to the screen width, not the width of all the desks.

  3. Set height: allows you to not lose quality when you expand the image up to where it’s just our screen. In contrast, the width will self-adjust and in consequence will be “mal adjusted” in the other desks of the launcher to the left and right. Therefore, this option is ideal if our image is very wide or if you have just a desk in our launcher.

Note: the option “do Not adjust” is there but there is nothing that makes it the same as you would the Android system.

Other features of Image 2 Wallpaper

  • in Addition to these adjustments, further down, we have more options still: rotation, which allows us to rotate the image, alignment, that allows you to move the picture left and right, excluding the height of the notification bar, not the select in versions of Android 4.4 KitKat on as that bar is transparent and it would be wrong, color of the edges, use less colors and a smaller image, so that it didn’t take me much in setting up the fund, save the image and the main thing that is “Set as background“.

  • In his last major update pulled out a new interface. This is still in testing phase and can be a bit more liosa. For that reason, in the first screen we find a button we are redirected to the “classic interface”.

  • In the advanced mode we can adjust how will be our image, as will as bottom as we have configured the image and set effect: gray scale, sepia, or auto-adjust the brightness and contrast.
    Image 2 Wallpaper Diferentes config

In conclusion, there are always people who are satisfied with the background of factory screen or an image badly cropped, but if you’ve ever desired a image as our background screen but with the method of Android was not well, Image 2 Wallpaper is the solution. Obviously, there are images of all kinds and according to your size or resolution or Android or Image 2 Wallpaper get it set it up the way you want.

Google Play | Image 2 Wallpaper (Free)

what do You use to set a wallpaper? Do you find useful to Image 2 Wallpaper?

What you think? Head over to by With Image 2 Wallpaper, no more cropping or losing the quality of your wallpapers to make your mark.

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