WifiMapper: app to find free wifi now in public beta

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In the mobile operating system from Google we can find countless my related to everything that has to do with the world of Wireless . Some examples that come to mind right now are IPCast to transfer files using such connectivity, WiFi Manager to save power or to expel WifiKill unauthorized users of a network of this type. The list, of course is much longer than these examples, and this update we take to present one app related to the wireless world on which we had not written so far. We leave you with the details below.

The name app is WifiMapper , and carries the tagline Public Beta because today it is still in public beta – it may mean that you meet with errors in use -. WifiMapper Android, like its sister iOS, uses the database to OpenSignal display on a map open Wi-Fi networks that you may have about . The app requires data connection to the location of free wireless networks, though it is still very interesting, and that, after all, from the moment you conectéis to a network located, you can save on the use of the data connection .

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WifiMapper has a strong social component, and is that after all the users themselves are responsible for add new networks on the map, classify and keep them updated . Many users indicate which type of wireless networks are, how safe use, what type of establishment or institution are and some other things. As yet it is public beta, before you can download from the Play Store, you will have to join us in Google+ WifiMapper the community.

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Have you considered the idea of ​​WifiMapper ?, do you think will achieve success in terms of users?

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