Why should Apple give in and unlock the iPhone-killer of the Russian ambassador?

iPhone 6s

history repeats itself: Turkey requires Apple to unlock the phone from Mert Altintas, the police officer who murdered the Russian ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov.

there are Already several cases where it is required to Apple to unlock the phones of some terrorist or murderer. Apple refuses, for reasons of privacy, to facilitate access to these terminals, even when the person has committed a terrorist act.

Suppose that in the case of a missing person of which you find your phone. Having access to the phone may clarify many things: if it has escaped, if it has been killed, if it has been hijacked and a long etcetera, being able to rule out many options. The phone is a crucial piece to reconstruct the last steps of a person.

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attempts to unlock the phone until now have been unsuccessful, so that Russia has sent technicians to Turkey, as the attempts made until now have been unsuccessful.

In the famous case of the terrorist of San Bernardino Apple not helped the FBI, who finally was able to get access to the terminal -which shows, in part, that is not very safe to computationally-speaking. Depending on how you look at it, if Apple agreed to do this, two things would happen: on the one hand, Apple would be helping to solve a crime; but on the other hand, would be hacking to their own customers.

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