Why is launching Xiaomi so many models on the market

Características del Xiaomi Mi 5s, y dónde comprarloIf you’re slightly informed about the market of Android phones, you’ll be aware that virtually all months, Xiaomi presents a new terminal or a variant of the same. In high range it is true that have “only” with the Xiaomi Mi5, its variant S, the My Note 2 and My Mix, but in the mid-range is a real madness to appoint the catalog.

Many users think that they are doing the head, that it is not necessary that there are so many models and that they would do better with 3 or 4 models, however, Xiaomi knows exactly what it does and why it does it, and we will try to understand.

it Is easier to sell to saturate the market

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

There is a basic principle of insurance that you understand, it is much easier to make with the market if your products cover almost all the market. Does this want to say? That it is much easier for someone to find a Xiaomi Redmi in the network if there are 10 variants of it and if there is only one.

The devices of Xiaomi generated more news, more links and more noise than any other brand. This is free advertising for Xiaomi, since the whole world speaks of your devices in the network and is extremely easy to find a Xiaomi on any page that sells mobile phones.

do You remember when there were only 3 variants of Xiaomi? The range top -My-mid-range-low -Redmi – and large-format -Note-. By that time only knew Xiaomi the most geeks of the mobile. Today, even a person who has hardly any knowledge has heard or read about Xiaomi, since their immense catalog floods all over the web and sooner or later you’re going to come up with one of their devices.

ROMs shared and wanted to do things well

xiaomi-redmi-note-4-analisisIf there is something that we value and admire the fact Xiaomi is how well they update their devices. Yes, you can comment many times updated version of MIUI and not Android but, how many brands do you know that have upgraded virtually 100% of their catalog? I only know Xiaomi.

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This firm updates its top of line 3 years ago to the latest version of Android, something that you won’t see do Samsung, LG or Huawei. The middle range get the latest version of MIUI, everything in its place. Xiaomi is able to update all their mobile phones, so that you do not have problems when launching variants.

Choose your Xiaomi as

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Another of the advantages of launching so many models is that users can choose the phone that best suits them. The rest of signatures chinese has stalled in the Helium, P10, 5.5-inch Full HD display and 3000mAh, what you might have heard of this setup?

Xiaomi goes beyond that, you get to choose between mobile Qualcomm, MediaTek, 5-inch, 5.5-inch… is Not going to be a Xiaomi that is not suited to your needs, there’s going to be 3 or 4, which can be confused on the one hand, but to help other as you purchase you purchase you’re going to end up happy.

it Is true that frustrates you buy a Xiaomi and that the following month comes a renewed version, but this will not affect your support so, what gives?

The best advertising is a satisfied customer

One of the basic principles of Xiaomi is that the customer is satisfied. You may seem like something basic, but most of the brands just want to sell in mass, he gives them as the customer end up sick of the phone. For Xiaomi, it is vital that the client repeat, since you feel that your device works well and is updated.

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it Is for this reason that Xiaomi saves millions in advertising, and of these millions you can invest in making more and more phones that will generate more and more public that will buy and will generate them millions. This is the cycle of Xiaomi, they know exactly what they’re doing.


Xiaomi Redmi Pro

In short, we want you to be clear that Xiaomi has not gone crazy, are clear that the best way to continue to generate revenue is to create more and more devices, since the hype that generates this brand is brutal, take what you take.

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While still maintaining the support of absolutely all of their models are going to continue to grow, and everything points to that they are able to do so, what we’re wondering is why not do the rest of the brands. Tell us what you think about you of this policy of Xiaomi to saturate the market, we want to know what you think.

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