Why an Android doesn’t have Siri and what is your best clone

¿have You ever wondered in more than a ocasion whye a macross Android does not have the assistant of Apple, Siri? If you want to resolve this doubt, here you have the simple answer to the question next to the best alternative to the wizard of the iPhone.

So, why an Android smartphone can’t have Siri?

Now, Siri is a virtual assistant developed by the of Cupertino for users who have an iPhone of different generations. Here, especially here is where the crux of the matter.

To be a tool of Apple, their exclusivity ensures that only estis available on devices with the seal of the companycompany american and not in any other terminal. And yes, Siri is a great help to perform a lot of tasks on an iPhone just to indicate a command, but to the Android world we also have a great ally.

And what is the best alternative to Siri for an Android phone?

is Not other than Google Assistant. This is the virtual assistant the official Google which can be found natively on a large number of Android devices.

Thus, it is likely that your Android phone have this application to enjoy a large amount of features. But, even if you do not accounts with this tool and never have used, heree mayore to discover a part of their charactercharacteristics along with your download link for free.

¿What features it has to offer Google Assistant?

Here we bring you a list of the things you can do with the virtual assistant Google to get more familiar with the topic:

  • If you give the command Ok Google, you’ll be able to perform specific actions in applications such as send messages, and even send an e electronic
  • you can Also set up different sections of your phone such as brightness, Wifi, turn on the flashlight, enable the Bluetooth, among other things.
  • Also, you can find thousands of things and ask questions of the wizard to let him answer them in a simple way.
  • Not less important than the above, you may also search for a location, see cocktail recipes, find rental bikes, play games and much more, all this thanks to the integration with third-party apps.

If all this doesn’t seem to be sufficient, in this comparison between Siri and Google Assistant, you’ll be able to see that the wizard of Google is the best for a monte of reason; to ratify, you should see in the post and you’ll agree with us.

¿Already tried Google Assistant? do you Have any questions related to the topic? If it is así, you can dejárnosla in the sectionon respective.

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