Where to see how much RAM you have an Android phone

1, 2, 3, 4 and stop tell… to this day there are many mobile phones with more than 4 GB of RAM. And yes, while RAM you have in a smartphone, the better will be the operation of the same.

Not blamed you if you have bought a mobile phone and don’t know how much RAM it has, because with these simple steps maywha t you discover it in as little as 1 minute. Don’t stay with the doubt not to catch you off guard when you ask how many GB of RAM you have in your phone.

How to know how many GB of RAM have a mobile Android

you’ll be surprised to see that to know what is above you will only have to perform these steps:

  • Go to the section of Setupe of your mobile device.
  • If you go down to the last options you will find with the System section; locate and tap on the tab About teléfono.
  • once there, locate the section Informationbuilding hardware and click on it.
  • Here you will see the item Tamayear of RAM, which results in the memory that is present in your mobile.

We are confident that these steps do not you have taken more than 1 minute and instead of it, you already know what memory RAM you have on your smartphone.

The other information that you can see from this section

in Addition to the data above, you also have the possibility to view details such as the internal storage capacity, resolution, on-screen, and the charactercharacteristics of the cámara front and rear, among others.

Now, if you go a step backwards and you’re in the part of About the phone, you’ll be able to see the battery level, IMEI and IP address of the mobile, the state of the SIM card, and so on.

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¿Cuántos RAM has your Android and chow is the performance in different tasks?

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