Where to buy Bike Mods and prices

comprar Moto Mods y precios

┬┐would You like to know where to buy Bike Mods and prices? By now is a little unknown, although as they progress the days we get to know things. And is that with the presentation of the new Bike-and Z-Moto Z-Force have appeared Bike Mods, a few accessories that add extra features to the mobile style friends LG G5. This is great, because with just add these modules to the terminal of the Lenovo, we’re going to be able to have more possibilities in the smartphone, which is amazing and it begins to be usual in the new terminals. We like the idea.

Innovate or die, is clear, and manufacturers do not stop to do so. First, what did LG with the LG G5 in February and now in June, what has made Lenovo in the presentation of its new Moto Z and Z Force. In this presentation presented the Moto Mods, accessories that connect at the rear on the smartphone. But let’s move on to what’s important, which is where to buy the Bike Mods and prices.

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Where to buy Bike Mods and prices

Between these extra accessories we find the following:

  • Incipio offGRID Power Packs: extra battery up to 20 hours.
  • Bike Insta-Share Projector: transforms the Bike in a pocket projector.
  • JBL SoundBoost Speaker: a system of speakers.

We have these 3 Bike Mods. What are your prices?

exact prices are unknown for now, but may be cheaper than the LG G5. What is possible that we have some pack or motomod gift, that would be great. However, the features offered are powerful, so you could escape a little, but you can’t go wrong this year, so you’re sure to surprise us.

Where can I buy it?

For now we do not know, but we know that will be available to buy in September (to all the world), and that in some points of the map in summer. It has been said that the Bike with Verizon would come out in the summer, so that everything indicates that the Bike Mods also come in the summer. Between summer and September is the thing, August-September, to be more exact.

To this date, have them available for purchase in the main distribution. Amazon for example.

Bike Mods are compatible with Bike-and Z-Moto Z-Force.

don’t miss the Bike Mods in video!!!

We will have more in the future

Another great news, is that the Bike Mods don’t end up here. Also there is talk that in the future we would have something like a projector keyboard, among other ideas.

What do you expect of the Bike Mods? Do you believe?

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