When will the letter of Bats to Clash Royale?

¿When will the letter of Bats to Clash Royale? If you open the game Clash Royale, you’ll have seen that there are 5 new cards. We know that it will soon reach 4 new cards, however, already a while ago that came healing, bandida, and witch of the night, and everything indicates that the next letter to arrive to the game before these new 4 cards, is the letter of bats.

The letter of Bats to Clash Royale will be coming up soon, we tell you everything we know

This article will what we bring or yes, to tell you that before the 4 new cards that we present to you a few days you have to reach the charter of the bat. What makes us unusual is that Supercell still we don’t let them see in the game, because if we click on it nothing happens.

We are faced with a letter that is common and spends 2 elixir. The description is “are four small creatures, large ears, which does not mean they are going to listen to your pleas and stop attack“.

But for level 1 we have the following data:

  • 67 of life.
  • 67 damage per second.
  • 67 damage.
  • attack Speed very fast.
  • Targets ground and air.

Already a long time ago that we met this, but a few days ago, Clash Royale took place on the balance adjustments June and that day, leaked to a change in the charter of bats. Never before had this happened, that is to say, to change the characteristics of a letter in a few changes of balance before you leave.

The change was the following: decrease the bats from 5 to 4. When it was leaked the image as we knew it, however, it has been shown as a change, and we don’t know if it has been by mistake, but yes what they have said in the last update of rocking.

When you arrive then the letter of Bats to Clash Royale?

Taking into account that spun-off of the Clash Royale, everything indicates that bats will arrive next Friday, 23 June 2017. We can not fully confirm, but we’re very safe, because everything indicates that it is close to reach and it is possible to do it the next Friday, and in the form of a challenge. I hope to be able to tell you more then.