WhatsApp stops working in some mobile


Now that Christmas is approaching is a good time to change device, especially if you are a user who still has a smart phone old, as possibly after this news you have that add a new gift in the letter to the three Kings.

instant messaging application most used in all the world, has announced that will not continue to support the ranges on older operating systems at the end of the year. The company itself has said that the elimination will be gradual compared to the older models of Windows, Apple, Android in January, and Blackberry and Nokia in the mid of the next year.

new WhatsApp end up with the old devices

In the last 12 months we have seen how WhatsApp has introduced a great serious news improve the application and provide us with features that before was lacking. Such as video, encryption, end-to-end messages, bold and italic text, etc

Some of these features no longer work on older devices, for this reason WhatsApp has the intention of to gradually eliminate the support to these devices so that they can focus in large part to the service they provide to all those who are able to enjoy these features.


generation of the iPhone 3GS affected by this neglect on the part of WhatsApp, and not only that, but also this decreasing the compatibility with iOS 6, so that [those19459004]iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and some iPhone 5 not be able to upgrade to iOS 7 will lose the opportunity to use such a service.

In Android has also come to this strong measure, in this case the devices that will enjoy the service shall be all those smartphones and tablets that still retain versions of Android 2.1 and Android 2.2. Also, all those devices that contain Windows Phone 7 will also be displaced by the application.

In terms of Blackberry and Nokia this may take a bit longer since BlackBerry OS and Nokia Symbian S60 will also lose this support, but it will happen in the month of June 2017. So if you’re one of those that still have one of these devices it may be the time to ask for a good gift to the Magi, as a terminal Android-updated.

does it Still preserves some device as well? Do you think change it?

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