WhatsApp removes licenses for life to some users

WhatsApp quita licencia de por vida

few days Ago we learned that now WhatsApp is free for life. Yesterday WhatsApp has started to give the first licenses for life to the users and everyone is happy but minutes later it seems that they have repented and have removed the licenses of lifetime users.

WhatsApp removes the licenses for the life of users by mistake. Obviously WhatsApp has reported that now WhatsApp is it free and that they are not going to monetize the app with advertising, although we already know how you will earn money WhatsApp with your application and it seems to us a form of all legitimate though it may be worse than with the advertising.

WhatsApp anula licencia de por vida

WhatsApp delete licenses for life to many users

last night we reached a notification to the mobile that warned us that the service WhatsApp had been extended and that the new expiration date was for life. Minutes later WhatsApp he sent us a “ o Apology! We have made an adjustment to your account” and now the service expires (the date that you had previously).

Hours later, WhatsApp came back to send us the lifetime license and as well up to 4 or 5 times in some users. Yesterday we posted the event on Facebook and several users have commented that they have been the same regardless of the platform in question, has passed both Android users as iOS users.

WhatsApp is adjusting the new licenses for life

Obviously we do not believe that Facebook (owner of WhatsApp) has been pushed back. We understand that WhatsApp is adjusting to the new licences and in the testing phase have been required to make various checks and to activate and deactivate the license for life in order to achieve optimal performance.

don’t worry if these days you activate WhatsApp for lifetime and you remove it again, WhatsApp is making adjustments for life, for that users do not have to ever pay for WhatsApp. The funny thing is that we put and take away licenses for life but we understand that in a short time all the users of WhatsApp will have a lifetime license to the global level. What you and I have reached the license for life? What few I have removed as it is to us?

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