WhatsApp is not secure

Seguridad WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not secure, no, WhatsApp is not known for its security, although that does not mean it is very very easy to spy on WhatsApp. It is not that anyone can spy on WhatsApp of someone so easy to just that, having knowledge, and wanting to do it, in reality it is much easier than with other messaging applications more secure.

The software 100% secure-existent, according to the budget, size, and profitability of the attack almost any program can have some exploit that allows hackers to access it without any major problems. WhatsApp has proven to be not up to the height in the secure communication and have been many security companies and organizations that have criticized the company that is now property of Facebook.

WhatsApp no es seguro

WhatsApp continues to be an application too safe

One of his main rivals, Telegram (more than anything because it is almost a clone), going a bit ahead in terms of features and security, and this is a real problem. Just a few months ago that WhatsApp has added the encryption of point-to-point, an encryption eliminates the possibility that anyone can intercept the messages between two users by an attack “Man-in-the-middle“. Even so, the service leaves a visible message to the company that could check the content of them with the limited protection they have.

WhatsApp also allows you to verify the identity of our contacts so that any one can fool us easily, this is the problem that the account has only been associated with our phone number, with other elements it is easier to keep control of who is who.

security is not The most important point for those who use WhatsApp

Facebook has also not given data of the extent to which swap data is safe, we don’t have many details as to the inner workings of the platform. Other applications reach scores much better in terms of security that should be standard for all companies that are dedicated to providing this type of services already put at risk the privacy of the users not to change four thing.

If for you the security is a very important point do not use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is still the king because it is the instant messaging app most commonly used the problem is that this app has a very negative and we don’t know if it will really be that the problem of the improvement of its safety, or if on the contrary, Facebook is not shields the application for any reason in particular. It is worth recalling that Facebook bought WhatsApp in a move of self-protection but this purchase will not be viable in many years.

Source | EFF

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