WhatsApp already allows you to send 30 photos and eliminates the limit 10

All the world is dedicated to to explore the novelties of the new updates of the most important applications for Android and in the case of WhatsApp there are many people who are dedicated to analyzing the application (including its internal code) to find the changes and improvements of the new version.

In this case, WhatsApp is just update to version 2.17.6 in its beta version and this new version adds some exciting improvements although there is still no trace of WhatsApp Status, the next big feature of WhatsApp that is not likely to arrive too soon. WhatsApp Status will turn WhatsApp into a kind of social network but it is not yet clear how it will be done or how much importance you will give to this new function.


WhatsApp widens the scope of photos that you can send at one time

WhatsApp has extended the margin of photos that you can send at one time. To date, WhatsApp only allows you to send photos of the 10 in 10 but in Facebook you will have noticed that when we go on vacation a batch of 10 photos it is very easy to overcome.

Yes, these limitations prevent falls of servers and saturation of the network, but to expand a little from 10 to 30 is the change that WhatsApp has made in this new version. That is, now WhatsApp allows you to send photos in batches of 30 at a time in batches of 10. It is an improvement small but very interesting.

WhatsApp now lets you send 30 photos at once

in Addition to this small and expected improvement (especially for those who share vacation photos through the app) WhatsApp has also made a small modification in the application.

Now, in the played videos through WhatsApp, we can eliminate the control of the screen. Yes, we can do the video to see full screen and with this we can make captures of the same video more easily or view the content without any kind of embellishment for the middle.

Are two small and important changes that are added to the list of improvements of WhatsApp in this latest version. We also want more news though this 2016 WhatsApp itself has improved much more than what many believed.