WhatsApp 2/12/45: now with backup to Google Drive

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Many people often keep track of developments gradually incorporating WhatsApp. At the end of the day, is one of the services IM largest in the world. Undoubtedly, one of the most desired and expected updates, has been to the recent arrival of Material Design and calls to WhatsApp. Well, after that life goes on and there are still many best that can be expected, because the truth is that app fails to perfection and there are always things to polish and additions can be made. As proof of this, we now have a new WhatsApp update .

As feature on the blog GSM Arena, is updated to version 12/02/45 . So far it has not reached the Play Store and you know that the release of updates is progressive, but you can always resort to manually download the .apk somewhere web or, better yet, to use Beta Updater for WhatsApp will always keep you up to date. The truth is that this new update does not cause much impact as the previous one, but it makes a huge profit, the backups in the cloud .

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To be more exact, which adds a perfect synchronization of backups that will be kept in your Google Drive , both in regard to conversations as multimedia content – by the way, remember that Now Google Drive and synchronizes videos and photos -. Thus, to have everything in the cloud, even changing phone will be a breeze retrieve this information. For that, besides ensure that you have WhatsApp 12/02/45, must give permission to WhatsApp to access your Google account work. Finally, note that you can choose how often you want an automatic copy is made and if you want it for data connection or Wi-Fi .

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Have you considered the possibility to save your conversations and multimedia WhatsApp on Google Drive?

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