What they are and how they work, the forays into Pokémon Go

This weekend I discussed the raids came to Pokémon Go. Although it is something which for the moment is only available for users of level 25 or higher. It is a new feature that promises to give much that to talk among the players of the popular game of Niantic. There are many doubts about the operation of these incursions. Yesterday I explained the way in which they could participate in the same.

Today, we explain a a more detailed way what are the incursions, operation and also the rewards that we can get if we participate in them. So, you will be able to have a clear idea about what is this new function introduced in Pokémon Go.

What are incursions?

Is a term that refers to battles against a boss that is very large. This boss will have to be destroyed by multiple players. In general, the incursions often have a huge difficulty. Although this also assumes rewards are much greater. In addition, a key feature of the raids is that they tend to repeat constantly until you get the reward.

In the case of the raids on Pokémon Go can we fight against the PC of one to five symbols. Most of them rondan between the 2 and the 4. The most complicated are reserved for Legendary Pokémon. And the lower-level, often with Pokémons easier as Magikarp. The incursions can occur in any gym, so it is good to be alert.

How are the raids?

As I discussed yesterday, is need to have a pass to be able to participate in the raids on the Pokémon Go. These passes can be to get free in the club, although this option is limited to a daily one. There are also options of payment in the store. When you are playing, you will receive a notification that will tell you that it is organizing a raid. Can be treated of public or private groups (to which there is access by invitation and password is required).

Up to a maximum of 20 people will be able to take part in these raids. If you wanted to you can go on your own, although it is somewhat useless, especially at higher levels. Once you are within the foray, whether organized by you or for access to a group, you have two minutes to prepare. In that time you have to choose the Pokémon that you want to use in the raid. Cure if necessary. In short, carry out all the necessary preparations so that your Pokémon is able to participate in the incursion. Once past the time it is time to begin and fight in the battle. Something of great importance is choose the Pokémon right for each incursion.

Rewards foray into Pokémon Go

Logically, given the difficulty of these raids, the rewards that are waiting to his players are very interesting. Pokémon Go, has introduced new objects such as rewards in these raids. Objects that many players have already claimed. what object it is?

We have on one side the new rare Candies. Usually it was something that we used to level up our Pokémon without the need of training them. So that is something that many players of Pokémon Go I am interested in having. And it is already possible. Although it is not the only reward available. There are also the Berries Golden, which are a much more powerful of the berries normal. With them you’ll be able to restore a Pokemon that defends a gym at 100%. If you use it with a Pokémon wild the possibilities of what we catch, up by 25%. Other rewards these are the technical machines, which many know as MT in the game. Work the same way as always, so there is nothing new in that aspect. The last bounty available are the Honor Ball, which work the same as in the original game.

With this information we hope you are somewhat prepared to take part in the raids on the Pokémon Go. What do you think of the raids on the Pokémon Go? What are you going to participate?

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