What is the mobile phone a sample of our social status?

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The current society and the capitalist system are states, yes, although it does not seem that this system has been ruling the world since a long time ago. This system segment the population into different groups according to their social status and despite the fact that today the approach is more, not all belong to one or the other.

what Is the mobile as an indicator of the social status of a person? What is certain is that people has lost the head for mobile devices and to demonstrate that the world has gone mad just to see how much it costs a mobile to a person based on what you earn, that is to say, if people really adjust their budget to buy a mobile phone or if you buy devices that, in theory, they are reserved for another class of people.

Costo del movil segun renta per capita

what Is the mobile indicator of our social status?

The most curious of this analysis carried out by KPCB is that there are countries that invest on their phone a lot of money and not, Spain is not among those that invest the most, Ethiopia pays an average of 47.6% of its per capita income by a cell, that is to say, almost 50% against the 0.8% that we pay in Spain.

spending in Spain is similar to that made in Ethiopia by each mobile but our per capita income is much higher. Now, how could we live with mobile more economic as a simple Android One?

What is certain is that each time you recommend a mobile phone, we always do the same thing, we examine the needs of each individual. Not everyone needs a mobile phone for 600 euros, and there are those who does need it and not purchase it. The ideal is to adapt the mobile to our needs regardless of the price.

There are more people in the world with mobile than a toilet

This statement, I assure you that it is truth, leads us to rethink our society as we know it. Yes, in addition there are mobile covered in gold and diamonds by millions and millions of euros. The response is served, the mobile is not an indicator of our socio-economic status.

note 5 en oro 24kIs more, we see as the Apple iPhone has so much pull that the major manufacturers of Android, whose phones do not have anything to envy to those from Apple today, are forced to encourage celebrities to use their phones.

May have a Galaxy S7 on a whim, it is true, but when you rely on your mobile up to work this investment does not seem to me so absurd. Now, when you’re 16 years old and “you need” a mobile whasapear and get photos with a 100 euros to give the size. what you, what you think of this statement? Do you think that the mobile phone is an indicator of your social status?

gives Me a chuckle when people ask me that question because I didn’t buy an iPhone taking the money to do so but still have not realized that my Galaxy S7 offers more for the same or less and that is something that tells us what important is the exclusivity of a brand like Apple or the good marketing you do.

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