What is the cheapest rate with more data?

The people asked us many times what the fare should have in your mobile. Now, this time we’re going to make a recommendation of the best data tariff with more GB, and are cheaper than we found on the market without sacrificing the quality of having an operator reliable and efficient. Click here if you want to have the best rate of Lowi.

In this case, the best rate Spain in 2017 is the rate with 8 GB of Lowi. For those who do not know Lowi is the operator of the low cost of Vodafone so that you have a quality service and we do not waive coverage at any time. Vodafone has the best network for 4G data in all of Spain and has been demonstrated in the last study so you have a Lowi is synonymous with quality.

8 GB Lowi

why the rate of 8 GB of Lowi is the best rate of 8 GB cheaper?

In the first place, talk about the quality and level of operator no operator low cost offers more than Lowi for this price. For 24 euros (VAT included) we have access to 8 GB and calls at 0 cents per minute.

This is much more than offered by other operators to reach the 8 GB choose to raise the price. We could talk about the Endless Yoigo but that rate because it costs more and it is certain that with the recent changes that have been made in the company does not inspire us with much confidence, we have to be sincere.

in Addition offer a fee for the best reduced price we have a lot of advantages that other low cost carriers do not provide us with:

  • Earn megabytes and minutes not spent for the next month.
  • Enjoy 4G coverage.
  • do Not charge excess data, once the speed drops to 32 Kbps.
  • you Can share MB with friends.
  • Coverage of Vodafone in 99% of the territory.
  • there is No permanence.
  • you Can customize your rate at any time.
  • Pay only because what you’re talking about.

Lowi has been awarded as the best OMV in 2015 and also as the best OMV in 2016 and it is certain that no one can compete with Lowi unless you offer bestial in your carrier.

Get the best rate on Lowi

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