What is Project Treble Google?

The guys from Google have just announced officially Project Treble. And for that very quickly you will understand that this is going, it has to do with the updates on Android and the order of the fragmentation. It is clear that this is something like a dream come true for many users, and everything indicates that soon we might see it.

So we could only see through the official website for developers of Google. We were impressed when we met the new Project Treble Google, because we knew that something had to be done (although we would not know when). But now we could say that the an end to the problems of updates in the devices is closer to.

Android 8 Oreo

What is Project Treble of Google?

that in the presence of the response Project Treble of Googland, I must say that is something like the end of the fragmentation in Android. They want to cut this root problem to not take so long to reach.

it Is clear that if you want to refresh fast the solution is to buy a Nexus, or a Pixel mobile with Android Pure. But many users want to have other devices and update also. That’s why Google is working on Project Treble. But well, more to update fast, the goal is not to update so slow, which is not the same.

we will Know more of Project Treble in the Google I/O 2017 next week

There is nothing left to know everything from Project Treble and reach, because for sure that will give much to talk about. It is an answer, a solution to the problem faced by manufacturers that can’t to update their devices as fast.

But if this project goes well and is successful, will be able to update the devices of a form more quick, easy, and assuming a smaller effort.

And this, would come the help of this project that we would have a new architecture separate the implementation of each manufacturer of the framework of Android. This is for that third party to be able to send the updates to their computers faster. It is a good initiative of Google to succeed.

You tell more about Project Treble in a few days. What do you expect?

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