What do you need the iPhone 7 to surpass Android?

iPhone 7

The truth is that in Apple are hard. After that Steve Jobs had a it seems that things are not going “so well” to Cupertino, and it is that investors, worried about the iPhone, they want more.

it is Not that Apple will go wrong, for nothing, Apple has a few huge benefits but this capitalist system is so cruel that it always wants more, and sometimes the investment is not based as much on the benefits but also the potential of each company (see the case of companies with a potential brutal as Twitter have not managed to win a hard).

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What should you do Apple with the iPhone 7?

Years after the launch of the first iPhone, we can not deny that Apple has always surprised, but in the last two models has been something that no one expected, the mobile phones with Android are better.

Yes, we can say it as well, the Android of today’s high-end have better camera, better autonomy, better screen and even better performance that the iPhone itself. Until Android is more reliable than iOS in terms of errors and that is a problem for the apple bite.

Samsung has a iris scanner, Huawei camera has a dual lens designed by Leica, the Galaxy S7 has water resistance, a screen with double curved glass, etc What you need to Apple for the iPhone 7 to be superior?

The iPhone 7 needs something that we don’t know if you will have

Apple needs to innovate, to offer something more than what they offer the high-end Android. It may be that the iPhone 7 is released with a camera double lens, 3 GB of RAM, a new AMOLED screen or the resistance to dust and water but the iPhone needs more of, not only the ForceTouch that has not yet come, the referrers, we want to see something that surprises us of truth.

it Is clear that Apple has it’s difficult but if it really gets the day 7 want Apple to surprise us, it has been very easy to Samsung and company, we want to to see how Apple surprises us.

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